Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines Newsletter for February 2013

Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines 

February 2013 News Update 
“For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with salvation.  Let the saints rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds!”  Ps.149:4,5 
    Praise the Lord for His wonderful care and delight in His people!  It’s so awesome to serve Him!  It’s a joy to share with you again the good things the Lord is doing here in Negros Island.  
    We are happy for our Fellowship pastors doing such an outstanding job in their churches and outreach ministries.  Some pastors are handling two or more churches and also doing pioneer work in other cities and villages!  In southern Negros, the pastor of Manalongon also has taken over the Bayawan church.  He is conducting monthly Bible training for the laymen in his district, as well.  
    The pastor in Carcar is also holding the congregation in Cebu City.  He, too, is training lay workers twice monthly.  We now have four congregations being planted in Cebu Island!  
    Our pastor holding the church in the town of Sibulan is also pioneering congregations in two cities, Tanjay City and Bais City!  In addition, he is the administrator of the Bible school and is doing a fantastic job!  We are so proud of these and other dedicated pastors!  
    We had a special two-day seminar in the Bible school in January and everyone was blessed!  The regular classes are going on and the students are growing in the Word and in spiritual life.  The school year will end on March 22, and resume again for the new term in June.  All of the students will be doing internship work during March, April and May in their home churches.  
    Two of our students have taken over a nearby church needing a pastor.  They are ministering every weekend there in the village of Campuyo and are doing a very good job.  They are still studying and attending their classes in the Bible school, of course.  
    I am happy for the opportunities to visit our churches and pastors in our island and even other islands.  This week I visited the town of Ayungon where we have a good church.  I usually ride the local buses so my travel will be easier and more economical.  Riding on the bus to Ayungon, it began to rain hard and began to flood.  The rivers we passed were literally “raging torrents”, and were overflowing the road in some places!  Our bus was able to keep going through the strong currents of flood waters almost to the knee on the road!  Getting down from the bus in Ayungon, I was instantly soaked, and I had to walk with flood water over my ankles!  But, thank God, there was no accident!  It was just a very “wet experience”! 
    Thank you for your prayers for us always and I know the Lord is answering them!  Your prayers and financial help are like the “glue” that helps hold the ministry together!  Thank you so much!  
    Yours in Christ, 
    Benito and June Pacleb