Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, November 2013 News Update

Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, November 2013 News Update

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” Ps 91:1, 2

Praise God for His shelter in time of distress and trouble! As you may know, on November 8 and 9 last week, we here in the Central Philippines had a terrible disaster named “Yolanda”! It came as the strongest tropical cyclone in history, with 200 mph winds sweeping a massive swath through the islands. The storm, known internationally as “Haiyan”, made landfall in the eastern islands of Samar and Leyte, with those horrific winds and a five to 10 meter storm surge like a tsunami. It wiped out thousands of towns and villages, including Tacloban, the capital city of Leyte island with a population of 250,000. The death toll is 4,000 and rising every day, as more dead bodies are recovered. The people there are suffering so much with no food, water or shelter on a truly massive scale. International aid agencies are getting in to help the people.

The storm passed from those eastern islands, over the island of Cebu, and hit northern Negros Island. Thankfully, here in Dumaguete City in southern Negros, we only had storm intensity signal #2 and #3. Praise God, for delivering us, as the center of the storm passed over the northern tip of our island! He kept us sheltered in His Shadow! We have heard many victorious reports from our pastors in our branch churches in different places that God has kept them safe, too. All praise to the Lord! He is a loving and caring God!

Thank you so much for your prayers for all God’s people in the Philippines. God bless you more abundantly!

Benito and June Pacleb


Christian Fellowship Church of the Phillipines – October 2013

Christian Fellowship Church of the Phillipines – October 2013
“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4

This verse was the theme of our Christian Fellowship Church pastors’ semi-annual convention here in Dumaguete City on October 21 and 22. It was a great time of fellowship and revival! Pastors came from all over Negros Island, as well as from Siquijor and Mindanao Island. We enjoyed the good, inspiring messages of our pastors. On the first night there was a powerful time of prayer and refilling of the Holy Spirit at the altar. The pastors went back home with new joy and inspiration to serve God!

The Bible school rounded up the first semester on October 11, and we had a farewell service for our graduates. They have begun their six months training in churches as interns under their senior pastors. Now we are enrolling new students for the second semester that will start in November and run through March 2014. Please pray for the school and the students and for much-needed finances.

We here in the Central Philippines had a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake on October 8, that has killed 222 people. The area affected was Bohol, Cebu and Negros Islands. Dumaguete City was badly shaken, but the damage here was minimal and we had no loss of lives. We’ve had 1,800 aftershocks! Scientists say the quake showed a new fault line running under Bohol Island, just to the east of us. I’m reminded of the Scripture that says that “whatever can be shaken, will be shaken, that the things that cannot be shaken will remain”!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the kidnapping and massacre by Muslim extremists in Zamboanga City last month. The Muslim rebels took many hostages in this Southern Philippine city and demanded their autonomy from the Philippine government. Many were killed in many days of fighting before the army was able to subdue the rebels. Please pray for peace in the Philippines.

God has called us to bring the Gospel to the world and we have this commission to keep. As a young man, Jesus said, “I must be about my Father’s business”. We can say the same! Let’s ask God to make us more effective in serving Him.
Please help our ministry with your prayers and gifts. The School of Ministry needs your support. You’re an important part of what we’re doing here. Thank you so much and God bless you!

In Christ,
Benito and June Pacleb

Great Door Ministries – Spanish/English Newsletter – October 2013


This is our first newsletter inSpanish… 
Check it out! 
 don’t worry…we translated it into English 🙂

We are working our tails off here in language school and wanted to share with you a little bit of what we have learned. You are helping, praying, supporting, giving, and walking with us in this process…thank you! 

In the GREEN section below is something Jes has written for you…in Spanish. In the YELLOWsection is the English translation. It is just some simple thoughts, but we hope you enjoy seeing a bit of the fruit of our labors, your help and, most of all, God’s grace. 

It’s not perfect. For our Spanish speaking friends…don’t bust on us too hard. We are still learning! But, this is Jes just writing from his heart using the words and construction that we have learned so far. 

We hope you enjoy it!   


Jes, Kristen and Kelsey looking mighty tired on the last day of Level 3, but happy to be starting Level 4 at Roca Blanca Spanish Language School. Thank you for helping us and for PRAYING for us!



God has opened the door 
for us to take a 
team of servants to 
Havana in Mid-February 2014. 

 Email me for all the details:

More trips will also be planned for 2014…please ask the Lord if He would have you to serve with us. 

Moises, Teresa, Josue, Aaron, and Edna will be serving in Havana over the Thanksgiving holiday this year! What an exciting team…our first “all-Spanish speaking” team and all ready to be poured out serving Christ in Cuba! 

If you wouldlike to help this team with their expenses… 
please mark “Mission Trip Scholarship” on your giving. Thank you very much!

To give online 
Click here

To mail in an offering: 
Great Door Ministries 
P.O. Box 641583 
Omaha, NE 68164 

Thank you so so so much… 
God’s people are simply the most wonderful folks on planet earth. 

We are continually amazed by your ability to hear God, your faithfulness to obey God, and your willingness to give sacrificially to His work. 

Thank you so much… Jes and I are humbled and honored to be your missionaries and God’s ambassadors to Cuba and Latin America. 

We pray continually for you and we ask God always to give you joy in your sowing and joy in your reaping. Our joy is being in the center of God’s will togetherwith you… it’s more fun that way! Thanks! 

 Please always keep the GDM Omaha Team in your prayers:Nestor and Jen Feliciano run everything for GDM in Omaha. They have taken on a Big Job and they are on the frontlines. Thank you for praying for them EVERYDAY. 

Would you send them a note of thanks and encouragement?  


Hola Ustedes,

Nosotros hemos terminado el tercero nivel. Ahora hay demasiada cosas en nuestras mentes. Yo no puedo hablar español muy bien y también mi inglés es horrible ahora mismo. Pero Dios es bueno porque nosotros podemos entender muchas cosas en español. Cuando nosotros vamos a la Iglesia, más o menos podemos entender entero sermón. Nosotros hemos estado recibiendo calificaciones buenas en la escuela. También este nivel pasado nosotros podíamos a comenzar a leer la Biblia en Español.

Esta semana pasada yo he estado orando sobre que escribir aquí. Yo dije a Kristen “Yo pienso debemos escribir en español pero yo no sé qué debemos decirles.” Queremos escribir algo que glorificaría El Señor. Ayer Kristen y yo nos hablamos sobre cómo nos gusta leer la Biblia en Español. Cuando leímos la Biblia en Español, la Palabra de Dios brilla. Mientras estuvimos hablándonos, Dios me dio esto versículo.

Mateo 13:44: El reino de los cielos es como un tesoro escondido en un campo. Cuando un hombre lo descubrió, lo volvió a esconder, lleno de alegría fue y vendió todo lo que tenía y compró ese campo (NVI). A noche yo no podía dormir. Yo estaba preguntando a Dios “porque cuando se lo descubrió el hombre lo volvió esconder”. En la madrugada Dios me dio otro pasaje en Salmos 119:11: En mi corazón atesoro tus dichos para no pecar contra ti (NVI).

El tesoro el hombre descubrió es la Palabra de Dios. Un regalo de aprender otro idioma es la capacidad a conocer Dios y entender su Palabra en caminos nuevos. Nos encanta leer la Palabra de Dios en Español, su Palabra es dulce y rico. Dios es magnífico y su amor es ilimitado. Tenemos uno nivel más y he estado orando Salmos 65:11, que Dios coronaria nuestro año con su abundancia. También estamos declarando este versículo sobre ustedes. Gracias por Dios y ustedes! 

Hi You All,

We have finished the third level. Now, there are too many things in our minds. I cannot speak Spanish very well and also my English is horrible right now! But God is good because we can understand many things in Spanish. When we go to church, more or less we can understand the entire sermon. We have been receiving good grades in school. Also this last level we were able to begin reading the Bible in Spanish.

This last week I have been praying about what to write here. I told Kristen: “I think we should write something in Spanish but I do not know what we should say to them.” We want to write something that glorifies the Lord. Yesterday Kristen and I were talking to one another about how we like to read the Bible in Spanish. When we read the Bible in Spanish, the Word of God shines. While we were talking to each other God gave me this verse.

Matthew 13:44 The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man discovered it, he returned to hide it. Full of happiness, he went and sold all that he had and bought that field (NIV translated by usJ). Last night I was unable to sleep. I was asking God “why did he hide the treasure again?” Early in the morning God gave me another passage in Psalms 119:11: In my heart I hoard your sayings in order that I do not sin against you (NIV translated by usJ).

The treasure the man discovered is the Word of God. A gift of learning another language is the capacity to know God and understand His Word in new ways. We love reading the Word of God in Spanish, his Word is sweet and delicious. God is magnificent and his love is limitless. We have one more level and I have been praying Psalms 65:11: that God would crown our year with his abundance. Also we are declaring this verse over you all. We are grateful for God and for you all.