Thanksgiving service at Christian Fellowship Church, Owakan, Jimalalud, Oct. 17, 2014










“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, …and be thankful’. Col. 3:15.

Praise the Lord for the great thanksgiving service we had on October 17 at the Christian Fellowship Church in Owakan, Jimalalud! What a beautiful place it is and what beautiful people are serving the Lord there! The church was overflowing for the occasion and five Christian Fellowship pastors also attended. They came from local churches in the area, some walking long distances over the mountains to attend and others riding their sturdy motorcycles up the mountain on the terribly rugged trail! Owakan is 17 kilometers away from Jimalalud town up in the lovely, green mountains of northeastern Negros. The name literally means “place of crows” since ‘owak’ is the local name of crows! The people are farmers growing corn, rice, banana and coconut. They are simple people who have a strong faith in God and who serve Him with everything they have. The congregation there has recently completed their beautiful church building!

The young men led the worship service with lively songs and praises. I gave a simple message to challenge the people to love and serve God and to spread the Gospel fervently! Then revival came on the people and many came to pray and call out to God. Even the young children were sincerely crying to God, including a young boy about five years old who had tears freely flowing down his cheeks! I believe that these children are the future pastors of the churches, because I see God already dealing with them.

It was really an adventure for me to make the trip there, leaving Dumaguete City on the bus at 3 a.m., arriving in the town of Jimalalud by 5:30 and then going up the mountain trail by mountain bike! It was an hour’s trip up the very steep, slippery and precarious road. Thank God for His protection! I was also thankful it didn’t rain because some places in the trail were thick mud from the rain the day before, but God gave us a lovely sunny day! I had promised to go “rain or shine”!

Thank you for your prayers for all the churches here in the Philippines, and for all the faithful pastors who are sacrificing so much and are doing a fantastic job!

God bless you more abundantly!

Sis June Pacleb


Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines News Update, October 2014

“Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call upon me in the day of trouble.  I will deliver you and you will honor me!”  Psalm 50:14, 15.
     Praise the Lord for the sweet promises of God!  The above verses were the theme of our thanksgiving service at the Campuyo Christian Fellowship Church on September 28, 2014, where I was invited as the guest speaker.  We had a wonderful service with God’s people!  Everyone felt the blessing of the Lord as we all rejoiced and sang together.  The church was overflowing and everyone was refreshed in soul and spirit!  The pastor there, Jerson Pacatang, is a recent graduate of our School of Ministry and he’s doing an excellent work!
      Please continue to keep this church and all the Christian Fellowship Churches in your prayers.  Thank you so much!  I attach photos of the occasion.
     God bless you more abundantly!
     Sis June Pacleb

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