Christian Fellowship Church – News Update – September 2015

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“Praise the Lord, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!  Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare His praise?”  Psalm 106:1, 2. 

We are so happy to share victories here in our churches! God is so good!
The Jimalalud church building has been undergoing renovation since the devastating 2012 earthquake that did so much damage there. Almost the whole church needed to be rebuilt. Now we’re happy to report this month that the new roof is up for the glory of God! The installation of the steel trusses and girders took a few weeks longer than expected due to bad weather and having to order the steel from Cebu City and waiting for it to be delivered, welded and installed. Afterward we also ordered the Color Roof roofing sheets from Cebu City. The whole roofing project was finished last week! Thank God!
The church members are so excited to have a new roof on their building! They have also contributed finance and those who are able to work are giving their volunteer time on Saturdays!
The old walls cracked by the earthquake have been torn down and the broken chunks of cement hauled out. New walls will be going up soon, as well as the front door and side door of the church!
We know the Lord is our Source for everything and we give Him glory and honor for these blessings for the Jimalalud church! Thank you, too, for all your prayers!
I attach a few pictures taken last week.
God bless you!
Sis June Pacleb