November 2015 Christian Fellowship News Update

November 2015 Christian Fellowship News Update

“It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your Name, O Most High!  To proclaim Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night!”  Psalms 92:1, 2
   We praise the Lord and proclaim His love and faithfulness continually!  It’s a joy to share once more some of our blessings here.
   The second semester at the School of Ministry started on November 2 with seven students preparing for the ministry, including two new enrollees this semester!  One of the new students is already a church worker and is from our Manalongon church in the south of Negros Island.  The other student is from our church in the town of Barili, in northern Cebu Island, quite a long trip by bus and inter-island ship!  We see nice potential in all these students and we are happy to mold them into being future full-time pastors.  Please see their group picture that is attached.
   We are happy for all our branch churches in our southern and northern Negros districts.  Every month they hold a District Fellowship Meeting where all the Christian Fellowship area churches can attend.  A recent gathering was held in the Culipapa church on the southern tip of Negros Island.  Several of the area churches were able to attend.  It was a wonderful time of refreshing in the Holy Spirit,with encouragement and joy in fellowship!  The little Culipapa church was started long ago and the believers there are so steadfast in spite of hardship. They are strong in the Lord and they are encouraged and full of joy in serving the Lord!  Please pray for them!  Attached photos show the recent fellowship there.
   Special services are scheduled for all our branch churches this coming December and I’ll be traveling to visit and speak at some of these “Thanksgiving Celebrations”!  I’ll be speaking at one of our mountain churches the day after Christmas!  Hopefully, the dry weather we’re having will hold up until then, so traveling up on the steep mountain trail will not be so dangerous!
   Thank you for your prayers!
   We love you in the Lord,
   Sis June Pacleb