Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines Youth Convention – NEWSLETTER APRIL 2016

“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth.  Sing to the Lord, praise his Name; proclaim his salvation day after day.”  Psalm 96:1,2
     We had a wonderful Christian Fellowship Church Youth Convention here on April 18-22 with the theme: Revival!  The church was full and overflowing with around 500 youth and their pastors!  The pastors gave powerful messages from God’s Word in each service!  It was a glorious time of sweet fellowship in the Lord and the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us!  Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit as the Lord moved in the services!  Many were baptized in the Spirit and spoke in tongues, and many also felt a call of God to the ministry!  We know that the Lord is calling these young people to be pastors!  It was truly an exciting and wonderful time for everyone!   We experienced revival and now the revival continues in the churches!
     The third night of our convention was the commencement exercises of the Christian Fellowship School of Ministry and we graduated seven young men into the ministry!  They had successfully completed their academic courses and one full year of internship working in local churches.
     We are looking forward to another great convention with our pastors next month and then a new enrollment in the Bible school by the first week of June.  Please pray with us that God will call many young people to the ministry.  They will be our pastors of tomorrow!
     Again, thank you for your prayers and for being a part of our work here!  God bless you!
     Sis June Pacleb13043233_480287202175073_7985125420139557096_n 13010886_480287382175055_7005046547091653129_n 13000086_480287275508399_4523032444362326671_n 12998684_10204950101432642_3598346059381258542_n

Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, March 2016 Update

Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, March 2016 Update  
“Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them and confirmed His Word by the signs that accompanied it!”  Mark 16:20
    Greetings in the Name of our Lord!  He has commissioned us long ago before He left this world, and told us to go and preach His Word!  So this is our job!  We are so excited about what the Lord is doing for His people and for the good reports we hear from the churches!
    All over Negros Island the Fellowship churches are growing and expanding, and some are opening new daughter churches.  I have attached some photos of a new construction in the mountain village of Lapay, in the mountains of southern Negros.
  This construction just started the second week of March with the layout of the building and putting up of the coconut posts.  The building will be made of lumber.  It will have a pastoral house for the pastor and his family at the back of the church.  We are excited about this new church!  The members are donating their time to work on the construction.  The building will have a tin roof made of galvanized iron sheets.  Please pray for this need!
    I’m also enclosing pictures of the Bible school graduates at their farewell service on March 17!  The seven graduates will be working in local Christian Fellowship churches from northern Negros Island to southern Negros Island!  They are so excited about their new work!  Please pray for them and for revival in all our churches! 
    The last picture is of our church in Larena on Siquijor Island.  This is a big church and has a great congregation with many young people!
    We will be holding our annual Youth Convention on April 1822 here in Dumaguete City, and we look forward to a good attendance of youth and a great time in the Lord! 
The theme of our convention is “Revival”!
    Thank you for all your prayers and support for the work here!  God bless you! 
   Sis June Pacleb10592807_905102856273643_4885029482165184163_n 12832386_905102659606996_4679603276078831483_n 10389068_1086522978078659_5949901379247440098_n 1044960_1086522201412070_1917324441036020818_n 481182_1086522774745346_7811162979696453349_n 1512514_1086522141412076_7050639232613269681_n 10360337_1086522061412084_523381098120584612_n