Christian Fellowship Church Newsletter, Nov/Dec. 2016

Rochester Hills Family Worship Center loves to support this ministy!
“We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near.  Men tell of your wonderful deeds.”  Psalm 75:1
What a privilege it is to tell men of the wonderful deeds of our Lord!  We are rejoicing, as always, in the good things of the Lord. 
We hear reports from our branch pastors of recent water baptisms, new people attending the outreaches and young people committing to serve the Lord.  The new daughter churches continue to grow. 
    We held our northern Negros Island district fellowship in the Christian Fellowship Church of Jimalalud,Negros Oriental, this month.  The district pastors with their delegates attended the one day fellowship. 
It was a good time of fellowship, encouragement and pressing closer to the Lord.  We are happy for the good participation of the area pastors.  The church was full!  We were all so blessed with the moving of the Holy Spirit among us.  I attach a few photos of this service. 
    The branch churches will all be celebrating their special Christmas “Thanksgiving” services this month. It’ll be a very busy time! 
    We join together to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season! 
    Yours in the Love of the Lord!
    Sis June Pacleb

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